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Incorrect shape for multires in sculpt
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When I'm sculpting this mesh with multires I have obtained a lot of problems. In general I see to errors, this first is the deformed mesh, like lines in the shoulders (near to the breasts), like you can see in the subdivision level 2 and 3, and this don't appear in 1 o 4. It don't have any reason, and if for example you solve the problem with smooth in level 3, it appear in the level 4, and if you resolve this in the 4, it happens again in the level 3. This make really hard to sculpt. I only see a "temporal solution" using the "apply base" command. But this not work properly and sometimes deform the mesh.

The other problem is in the parts where the mesh is touching itself (in the elbow of the left arm). The mesh make strange form, like spikes with the polygons. If you try to solve the problem in all levels, for example in the level 1, then you make the same with level 2, 3 and 4. If you go back to level 3, the problem appear with a different shape.

It happens in differents PC, with windows, OSX... but where I have seen clearly is in my PC in the office with Windows 7 64bits, Nvidia GTX 960, and the last release version of blender 2.77. And some partners have told me that they seen the same problem since a lot of time.



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Those are known limitations of multires. modifier. You are having those problems because your sculpting in different subdivision level. My experience with multires. is to have as much detail as possible in the level 3 or below and when i move to level 4 or above i add fine details and don't go back to level 3 to sculpt :(

To devs we have been having this problem for years can please someone have a look at this before Blender 2.8 please please. According to Bretch it shouldn't be difficult it is just you guys don't have time. Even though we do dyntopo at the end we need multires. for fines details. Multies. is really important dear Devs.

Thank you in advance :)

really? Sometimes is boring when you see the devs don't implement a usefull feature. You have a impressive sculpt system inside a 3D modeling suite and you waste all your work and send it to the garbage because you don't finish the work and make the tool inusable for real work enviroment.

Dyntopo itsn't a solution (for this reason nobody use dyntopo in proffesional works). Dyntopo it's only to sketch shapes, not for final work.

Is like the custom normals tools, where you have a really powerfull tool and you cannot use mirror because nobody think in the symmetrical objects and you see how the mesh can be mirrored only making a clon and put -100 in the axis. :facepalm:

Please stay on topic in our issue tracker, this is not a forum.

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