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2.77.1 Bevel modifier regression
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OS tested:
Ubuntu MATE x64
Windows 7 x64

Hardware tested:
Intel HD 3000

Works in:

Broken in:
2.77.1 (a3ce64b)

Opening attached blend you'll notice a bevel modifier display artefact. Not restricted to Viewport, also renders in Cycles. Slightly changing bevel settings causes artefact to be either concave or convex.

2.77.1 (a3ce64b)


Could this regression also be causing textured Viewport issue seen in below screen captures?

2.77.1 (a3ce64b) Solid Viewport

2.77.1 (a3ce64b) Textured Viewport

Compare 2.77a Textured Viewport

This (shading and jagged edges) happens with complex scenes while switching between solid and textured Viewport. Unable to share blend seen in above screen captures, trying to create a blend that constantly reproduces this 2.77.1 shading issue.


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Sergey Sharybin (sergey) lowered the priority of this task from 90 to Normal.

Howard, is it the same roots as other reports assigned to you? Mind having a look anyway? :) Thanks!

This seems to be a new bevel problem. I will try to fix it soon.

In case helpful, after further experimentation, found the 2.77.1 shading & jagged edges issue (second set of screen captures) is unrelated to Bevel modifier, this issue seems connected with textured viewport shading changes made since 2.77a?

This issue only happens while:

  • Using textured viewport in 2.77.1 (2.77a is unaffected)
  • Simple objects set to smooth shading
  • issue appears and disappears while moving around the viewport in this complex scene

Have changes been made since 2.77a to textured viewport drawing routines? Tried skimming cvs archives, but (so far) not found anything.
Still trying to create a blend file that I'm able to share highlighting this issue.

In closing:
Thank you Sergey and Howard for taking time to look at the Bevel bug report.

Unrelated to the strange shading, there is definitely something strange going on with bevel here. Maybe some strange geometry (though I did check for doubles, and there are no doubled vertices at least). I need to find some time to investigate further. Unfortunately, I don't have time right at this instant.

Created a small (file size) video highlighting second issue.

Seems this 2.77.1 textured viewport shading issue should be split into another bug report (except may be rejected without a blend file?).

Thanks Howard,
Did check for abnormal geometry (including doubles) before submitting the bevel issue blend file, but was unable to find any. No problem about time, take as long as you need my friend.

Hope the rest of your day goes well, and is productive.

In case helpful for Howard,

Short video showing how bevel issue is created

  • Default cube
  • Two loop cuts added to each side
  • Bevel modifier settings used

Textured viewport smooth shading issue now has its own bug report, complete with blend file.