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Microdisplacement; Very recent builds crash when image textures are used (when the mode is set to 'true')
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System Information
Win7 64 bit; 24 Gigs RAM; ATI 79xx GPU; Third-gen i7 CPU

Blender Version
Broken: Hash 95cb714
Worked: Hash 8a02c5f

Short description of error
Cycles microdisplacement (ie. when dicing is used) can no longer make use of image textures, as rendering an object using them will always cause Blender to crash. This is using CPU rendering by the way

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Open the .blend file and set the material displacement mode from bump to true. The mode to use both seems to work however.


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Seems to only happen rarely here, but I can reproduce if I switch the setting a bunch of times. If you know how to reproduce this issue more consistently please let me know.

The file crashes Blender every time on my system when I do that (using the build from the buildbot).

That's about as consistent as you can get.

Think this should be fixed now but can't be completely sure as I wasn't able to reproduce consistently. If there's still a problem just let me know.

I don't know if it's appropriate to commend the people snatching up these reports and redirecting folks here, but you all are awesome and deserve to be commended. haha! :P