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2.78 RC1 Linux Nvidia 1070 segfault on selection of cycles renderer
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System Information
linux 4.4.19-1-MANJARO
nvidia GTX 1070 with nvidia driver 370.23

Blender Version
Broken: 2.78 RC1

Short description of error
blender issues segmentation fault when selecting cycles renderer in drop box

content of /tmp/blender.crash.txt

# Blender 2.78 (sub 0), Commit date: 2016-09-07 13:42, Hash afd3a55
bpy.context.scene.render.engine = 'CYCLES'  # Property

# backtrace
blender(BLI_system_backtrace+0x30) [0x134fb40]
blender() [0x98c1f9]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f32551e20b0]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f325575aad0]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f321ada0d98]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f321ae56c41]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f321ae56db5]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f321ada6ad4]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f321ada8327]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f321ad7c4f6]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f321ac7bd7d]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f321ac7bd18]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f321b5f7019]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f321b5f7d7c]
blender() [0x1864262]
blender(_ZN3ccl18device_opencl_infoERNS_6vectorINS_10DeviceInfoENS_16GuardedAllocatorIS1_EEEE+0x53) [0x18653c3]
blender(_ZN3ccl6Device17available_devicesEv+0xf1) [0x1844911]
blender() [0x175cf98]
blender() [0x12c8271]
blender(RNA_property_enum_items_ex+0xe0) [0x11bc990]
blender(RNA_property_enum_items+0x13) [0x11bc9b3]
blender(RNA_property_enum_identifier+0x36) [0x11c3c66]
blender() [0xd87e0b]
blender(pyrna_prop_to_py+0x1c8) [0xd91978]
blender() [0xd91a4f]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f325b6316de]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f325b63764a]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f325b6382c3]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f325b6383a3]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f325b5a3008]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f325b5782d7]
blender() [0xd90b5e]
blender() [0x12b8f6f]
blender(ED_region_panels+0x392) [0xc738f2]
blender() [0x9b901b]
blender(ED_region_do_draw+0xa77) [0xc728e7]
blender(wm_draw_update+0x6a6) [0x991866]
blender(WM_main+0x28) [0x98ce58]
blender(main+0x40f) [0x96e38f]
/usr/lib/ [0x7f32551cf291]
blender(_start+0x2a) [0x988f0a]

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  • click on cycles renderer in drop box
  • alternatively open user preferences and click on system tab



Event Timeline

Just downgraded nvidia driver to 367.44 and the segfault does not occur.

This is a known issue with particular NVidia driver. We can't fix that, but you can either use older version of wait for an official fix from NVidia (perhaps 372.70 will work).

For more details see T49113.