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SVG importer distorts the color information
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This has been around since I can remember.

Whan I import SVG, I always need to manually replace colors in imported paths.

The materials created by the SVG Importer have colors that are always brighter and less saturated than the original colors I had in the SVG file.

I need to copy and paste HEX values from Inkscape to Blender. Maybe it has something to do with Gamma correction? I'd love to be able to have the same HEX values in imported paths that are written in the SVG file I import.

Please import attached test.svg file and compare hex values from Blender and Inkscape of corresponding squares. They differ.

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There are certain limitaitons in the material handling in SVN importer, but it might also be a bug in color management in there. Please attach small example .svg file so we can investigate deeper.

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Thanks for the file, will investigate.

Tobiasz Karoń (unfa) renamed this task from SVG importer distrorts the color information to SVG importer distorts the color information.Oct 20 2016, 10:44 AM