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View Name inconsistency; text "Left" changes to "Right" if zoom with mouse wheel
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Group: V 2.42a release
Resolution: Fixed
Category: Interface

I'm using Blender 2.42a on Windows XP.

The bug can be easily recreated.
First make sure View Name is being displayed on the 3D view ports, so showing "User" / "Front" / "Right" that sort of thing on the top left corner of each view port.

Go into "Left" view by pressing Ctrl+numpad3 (top left corner will display "Left")
Now if you change the amount of zoom by scrolling on the mousewheel, the View name "Left" gets changed to "Right", while it doesn't actually change the 3D view to the "Right" view.

This also happens for "Back" being changed to "Front", and "Bottom" being change to "Top; basically name of the views that you get access to by using the Ctrl+numpadX get changed to name of their numpadX counterparts.

This doesn't happen if you zoom with [Ctrl + drag with Middle Click] though.


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