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crash and freeing problems
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System Information
Intel core i3
Blender Version
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Short description of error
crashing and hanging problem
Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
i download a new version it works well for few days but after 4 5 days it starts hang and crash many times..
when i try to animate something or try to render an object having image as texture in get close.
and when try to use physic on something it get hang or freeze ..

if i have graphics problem then why it works for few days well and after a new version comes out of blender the old one starts hang
Based on a (as simple as possible) attached .blend file with minimum amount of steps



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please can you describe your graphics and video memory type?

intel core i3 4005u
graphics 4400 n video memory 1792mb dynamic

but sir. i firstly use 2.68/69 but after few days i had same problem with that.. so i update it to 2.78 .. and it work fine for some days but now have same problem..

not me my friend also having same problem...

have it allow you to model, texture, rigd and won't let you render?

not render as well as when i try to use physic to any object ... eg.
if i create a glass and a cloth .. then i put that cloth little up from glass . and try to animate it down as it is falling on glass .. when i press Play anim .. it gets freeze

can u see this ... it will explain all ..

hello sir please help...

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@Neeraj Singh (uniqueboy), could you please try a nightly build and see if your issues still persist? If you still have issues, then we would need an example Blender file that demonstrates those issues.

sir what are official and what are exprimental.. which one should i choose .
what is mean by use at your own risk is any harm for my pc.

hello sir this not worked for me

in this file i use image as texture but when i try to render then blender get crash.

in this i am trying to play animate that cloth will fall on cup but it get freeze when i try to ... animate

Bastien Montagne (mont29) claimed this task.

Do you seriously expect to simulate cloth with three cloth objects of 200k faces each? You’d need a super-computer, not even the biggest workstation would do anything here… You need to remain reasonable and know what your hardware is able to handle…

Anyway, thanks for the report, but cannot see any bug here.

Okey if its hardware problem then why it works 2.68 version...
anys thanks for ur help