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Bug Report: Instance Modifier
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► System Information

-Operating system: Windows 10
-Graphic card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600

► Blender Version

Version: 2.78a
Worked: I worked on a completly random grass system.

► The bug

When i scale up the Object in particle-settings (under 'Render') then i can see, that more of these object are in there.

(Sry for my bad englisch)
From that:

Into that:

There is a second Bug (I was to bad to describe it in englisch)
(see in blend file)

► Blend File

I did the file extra for this bug-report.

(Also it is'nt the random grass file i was working on)



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mathieu menuet (bliblubli) triaged this task as Needs Information from User priority.

The size cannot be changed, because of the driver it has. Deleting the driver and increasing the size doesn't show up more particles. By the way, the size is in particle system/ physics section, not render. There is a scale option in render, but deactivating or activating it doesn't change anything, so I guess it's not what you meant either?
You worked hard for this report, but I can't see what is not working as expected. Please add a screen-shot of how it looks and how you think it should look.

This report is hard to follow. Please note that the bug tracker is not to report errors, but to help developers to fix errors. For that you have to make sure anyone can clearly redo the issue.

You also can to tell us when this worked, that means in what Blender version did particles not have the error. If this worked in the past, but stopped working, we also consider this a bug.

Kévin Dietrich (kevindietrich) closed this task as Archived.

No answer in more than a week --> archiving.


I dont have any idea, how to explain it on an other way 😔
especially because englisch is not my mother tongue.

I don't think there a bug, here.

You are not supposed to use particle instance modifier on an object used as viewing of particles used by the same particle instance modifier.

You created a dependency loop. Consequence is a crazy thing just because your set-up is crazy.

You can specify an object using a particle instance modifier that use one particle system as viewing of particles of another particle system.
But don't use the same particle system, twice.