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Vertex slide redo problems when clamp is on
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If you change Correct UVs parameter in Slider operator it moves with vertex. It is working fine on flat surfaces.


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but the bug you are reporting is:

The new vertex position is discarded when you change the operator (Shift+V) settings after you ran it  (F6).

How to reproduce the bug:

  • Open:
  • Shift +V, drag it to the right
  • Change "Correct UV" (or any other) parameter from the Operator panel (or F6)

Now the vertex "jumps" to the left (not even the original position, but like a flipped x position).

Note, if you draw to the left instead of the right it works fine.

Yes it same bug. Thanks.

The problem is with the "clamp" option. When you start the operator with "clamp" turned off, things work fine. More specifically:

TransDataVertSlideVert.co_link_curr is not reset to zero when we re-do the operator, and not recalculated (calcVertSlideMouseActiveEdges() is only called on mousemove)

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This is a limitation of our system, added to the todo list:

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