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VSE: Blender needlessly recalculates audio waveforms after using Undo
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While working in VSE I've noticed that often when I press Ctrl+Z, all the waveform previews on my sound strips disappear, and Blender regenerates that, which has a big performance impact, so I have to wait a few seconds until it's done before I can continue my work.

most of the time this seems as unneeded - I understand that could be required if I undoed cutting some strips, but still - Ardour for example doesn't do this. It generates waveform previews once after importing and then smartly reuses this data.

Maybe Blender could improve in the way it handles waveform previews to cut off some unnecessary processing and recalculating things that are already done?

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Thanks for the report, but it's more a feature request.

The way how undo works is really similar to opening .blend file. For that we can't really avoid need of recalculation.

Surely improvements are always possible, but those are out of the scope of this bug tracker.