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normal map baking glitch
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System Information
windows 10, AMD HD 6970

Blender Version
Broken: 2.78a
Worked: all precious versions

Short description of error
buggy normal map baking.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
just bake normal map in cycles
then change render to internal
create new material, create new texture
in texture settings pick our noemal map
checkbox normal map in image sampling
off collor, on normal
go to material and set color intensity to 0
then if you look at the surface ull see this ugly bug that shows in unity for example.



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hi. ive baked this by myself and cant confirm this. Did you use cage for baking?

my resullt in blender internal, guess which one is hi and which one is low ;)

and screen from marmoset, all looks ok to me.

and now set intensity of material to 0 as is said before.

i can see that even on your screenshot

This is caused of 8bit normal map.
bake and save your normal map with float buffer option checked to tiff 16bits

and about my screenshots, im not sure why there is banding in marmoset but in blender viewport there is no such glich. Ive baked this map one more time and in marmo i have it perfect now.

where is that checkbox? sry for my noobing :b

just make black/dark material and you will see that too.

this happening even if i do not save normal map. when i stream this from images of blender.

i made it thanks a lot))

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