mesh edit tools: promote to 2.79 release: Updates
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This is the task for mesh edit tools move from addons_contrib to addons release.
mesh edit tools represents years worth of code that differs from or does similar functions in a different way & also functions that are not easily solvable in either c or py.
This "collection" of functions is built towards edit mode mesh vert, edge & face tools.

I'll make no excuses that there are corner cases within this addon's feature set that are not easily solvable, same as with many release addons and built in tools dealing with mesh editing. however, after 4 years in addons contrib & a wide user base, I feel it's appropriate to give this addon a run in 2.79 release.
maintainer: @Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) code cleanup: @Vuk Gardašević (lijenstina)
Also If reviewers think it may be appropriate to add a simple warning in the bl_info: "warning": "Test Version", I'm ok with that.
In most cases when used within the proper workflow & design, all the addons included work very well & as advertised.

Edit mode: Tools, Pen tool (modal vert draw),
Edit mode: Tools, Mesh Edit tools, sub panels, vert, edge, face, utils.
Icon only sub panel header "Fast Tools & edit mode selection tools"

Vert mode:
Random Verts

Edge mode:
Cad edge tools, extend, project, angle off edge.
2d edge fillet
Offset edges
Set edge length
Edges to wall

Face mode:
Multi extrude
Face inset fillet
Cut faces
Split Solidify

fast loop
Normals flip
Remove doubles
Dissolve limited
Select by index


Hot keys:
Double right click in v/e/f or combined modes for same menus as Ctrl/v/e/f
Integration into select & edit mode specials menus
To Do, merge in Extrude/reshape by @Germano Cavalcante (mano-wii)
Edit: Merge commit here:

Edit: Created Wiki Page:



just a note here, there's changed behavior in pen tools.
Old behavior - Hold Ctrl whilst drawing to copy selected mesh element to pen placemant
New behavior - above function is missing
@Vuk Gardašević (lijenstina) any ideas there?

Just for having the record of the issue discussed on the IRC, it was related to the previous version of Pen Tool allowing other Operators to be executed ( the default return was PASS_THROUGH).

I'll upload the patch with the code for Extrude at Cursor that can be activated with the Ctrl key in the next few days.

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Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) updated the task description. (Show Details)

Mesh to wall addon , selected edges only.

Committed, Closed as resolved.

I'm not happy with the pkhg faces menu in object mode toolshelf panel as 1 button.
The addon sits well in the 'Face Menu' & the function corresponds well with other tools in the 'Face Menu'
As a simple workflow example: edit mode, select cube, subdivide 2, select faces to extrude, add pkhg faces, add the faces types in object mode, then toggle back to edit mode, ready to extrude/inset or other options.

Further update in the Utils section:
Added Mesh Check bgl & merged in list amount of tri's/ngons in ui from prior mesh check addon by @Pistiwique @Cédric (Clarkx), @cédric lepiller (pitiwazou), @codemanx

Update shortly.

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committed, resolved.