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Problem saving on Windows 10
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System Information
Win10 64Bit
radeon R9 380 4G
Asus H97M-E [CSM]
intel i7 4770
Kingston 16G regular ram
Samsung SSD 850

Blender Version
Version 2.77 to 2.78a

blend files not saving correctly

Problem on Win10, I do not remember that happening on Win 7 or Linux

My problem is that when I save during my work, ".blend" files are not always "up-to-date" in Windows Explorer. In simple terms, I record by Ctrl + S on a regular basis, but sometimes in the window that contains the files in my folder, the files are "not synchronized". I can not explain clearly, but if I do not press the F5 key to refresh my folder, the files are kind of "corrupted". To better understand I made screenshots.

I've already lost several hours of work because of that. I had closed the folder without refreshing because I did not know it was going to cause problems and when I opened it again, it was as if I had not worked at all.

And all that happens no matter what file I'm working on. At the beginning of 2016 I thought it was perhaps Win10 that was not yet "mature", I had returned on Win7 but now Win10 is mature, and it can happened up to 10 times on a period of work of 2 hours

Thinking that it was maybe a hardware issue, I changed my motherboard and hard drive, but no change. Tested cpu with intel software, tested ram with memtest and the windows 10 version and finally, I send my radeon R9 380 to gigabyte for testing, and everything was ok.

Can you give me a hint on what I could be doing wrong???





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I have tested on Windows 10 64 bits and I can reproduce the situation, but I' not sure this is a Blender bug.

I think this is related to any internal windows 10 cache and it's not a problem with the file created by Blender.

After some test, I have seen that sometimes Windows 10 update the explorer and sometimes doesn't. If you try with a cmd window and run a "Dir" command, you get the right files all the time.

Thanks a lot, at least I have the confirmation that "I" am not the problem. I have even tried removing the drive encryption just in case, but same result. I will dual boot with Linux and that's it.

I have the answer that I was looking for, so you can close this tread,

And again, thank you very much Mr Vazquez, and happy blending :)


Antonio Vazquez (antoniov) claimed this task.