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Motion blur for Transform Strip?
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I wonder if it'd be possible to implement a simple motion blur for the Transform Strip in VSE?

I often resort to simple 2D animation when editing video, but without motion blur it often looks poor. Faking the motion blur with Gaussian Blur Strip is cumbersome and only works for strictly vertical or horizontal motion.

I wish the Transform node could apply motion blur when animated to add that bit of realism to 2D animated content in the Sequencer.

PS: I know this isn't the best place to propose feature requests, but I honestly can't find a better one, please point me somewhere, I'll happily go there.



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Thanks for your feature request, but, as you said, this is a bug tracker, so only bugs must be reported here.

You can use community site like to talk about feature requests.

Thank you, I'll go and post there.