bug: Wireframe objects not visible if there is an image empy behind it
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File example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xsub501u7xtmsbm/wire.blend?dl=0

Problem occurs at least on gtx 960

How to reproduce this behavior (by Caetano Veyssières)

tested on 2.67 and 2.78c
• Create 2 image empties
• Move the second you created above the first one
• Unselect everything
• Press Z multiple times (it switches them)
The sphere that was created before is always above and the one that was created after is always behind (assuming nothing is selected). "

The original topic about this: https://rightclickselect.com/p/general/ssbbbc/allow-wireframe-objects-be-visible-when-there-is-an-image-empty-behind-it#comment-2462



Some corrections :
I would replace the title by : "image empty display in Wireframe mode depends on order of creation"
Sphere should be replaced by image empty