Addon: Set object origin from selected in edit mode
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Small script to set the origin of an object directly in edit mode, without the user have to place manually 3DCursor in editmode, switch to object mode, and set origin-to-cursor.

Code retrieved from and mixed with other users sparse code from thread comments. Thanks to original coder(s). Original attribution is in "author" field.

It use Alt-C shortcut or can be called with Spacebar>"Set Origin to Selected"
Generate an error on unregister (does not clean the shortcut?), but it do his job very well, so unregister is not mandatory :D
Very useful and fast.



hi, I'll have a look at your code, keep in mind this is already in both the dynamic spacebar menu & the new Origin Pie in viewport pies & there's several advanced addons dealing with origin externally.

Hi and thanks for your attention :)
I think that standard blender management of object origin is too complicated and slow.
I didn't know your addons, very interesting for more complex tasks.

I searched over the net something of extra-fast and easy to place the origin (also with direct shortcut), and I've aggregated some parts of code in this little script (90% not mine!).
It's so strange users must use an addon to do a so basic change; perhaps it was better if something similar was directly included in plain blender without any addon: the current way to place origin is totally unfriendly and "baroque" :D

hi, I fully understand your points, which is why i have this much needed functinality in the spacebar menu addon & pie menu new in 2,79 "Origin Pies:.
Hopefully in 2,8 we will have built in method for this basic required function.
closing as resolved.

Other solutions are not light and fast as this one, but ok.