Collection of bad/missing tooltips
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This task is used to collect a list of bad tooltip so that people can write new ones.

When reporting errors simply describe the tooltip that is bad or right click --> online python reference, from here you can copy the python command so we can flag it here for rewriting.

Note on nodes:

Node tooltips saying "Value for unconnected socket" is a known issue and needs to be looked in deeper than some of the other tooltips


Here is a list of frequently used terms and how to write them:

  • Data-Block


  • bpy.ops.render.render: "Render active scene"
  • bpy.ops.wm.operator_cheat_sheet: "Undocumented" --> "List all the Operators in a textblock, useful for scripting"
  • "Add a new world" --> "Add a new world Data-Block"

Missing Tooltips

Missing tooltips can be found with this regex: RNA_def_property_ui_text\(prop, "[^"]*", ""\);


To Do
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Operator Cheat Sheet doesn't have a tooltip at all.

bpy.ops.wm.operator_cheat_sheet() - class WM_OT_operator_cheat_sheet in scripts\startup\bl_operators\

It could be something like:

List all the Operators in a textblock, useful for scripting

Useful for avoid this kind of changes become a nightmare for far-to-be-completed UI translations... :)

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Color Balance Node
For the Lift/Gamma/Gain formula, Lift tooltip is the "Correction for Shadows" it’s OK.
But if switch to the Offset/Power/Slope formula, Offset tooltip is still the "Correction for Shadows", this is wrong.
Must be something like "Correction for entire tonal range".