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Collection of bad/missing tooltips
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This task is used to collect a list of bad tooltip so that people can write new ones.

When reporting errors simply describe the tooltip that is bad or right click --> online python reference, from here you can copy the python command so we can flag it here for rewriting.

Note on nodes:

Node tooltips saying "Value for unconnected socket" is a known issue and needs to be looked in deeper than some of the other tooltips


Here is a list of frequently used terms and how to write them:

  • Data-Block


  • bpy.ops.render.render: "Render active scene"
  • bpy.ops.wm.operator_cheat_sheet: "Undocumented" --> "List all the Operators in a textblock, useful for scripting"
  • "Add a new world" --> "Add a new world Data-Block"

Missing Tooltips

Missing tooltips can be found with this regex: RNA_def_property_ui_text\(prop, "[^"]*", ""\);


To Do

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Operator Cheat Sheet doesn't have a tooltip at all.

bpy.ops.wm.operator_cheat_sheet() - class WM_OT_operator_cheat_sheet in scripts\startup\bl_operators\

It could be something like:

List all the Operators in a textblock, useful for scripting

Useful for avoid this kind of changes become a nightmare for far-to-be-completed UI translations... :)

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Color Balance Node
For the Lift/Gamma/Gain formula, Lift tooltip is the "Correction for Shadows" it’s OK.
But if switch to the Offset/Power/Slope formula, Offset tooltip is still the "Correction for Shadows", this is wrong.
Must be something like "Correction for entire tonal range".

Snap to Symmetry (bpy.ops.mesh.symmetry_snap)

  • threshold: "Distance within which matching vertices are searched."
  • factor: "Mix factor of the locations of the vertices."
  • use_center: "Snap middle vertices to the axis center."

Symmetrize (bpy.ops.mesh.symmetrize)

  • threshold: "Limit for snap middle vertices to the axis center."

Bisect (bpy.ops.mesh.bisect)

  • threshold: "Preserves the existing geometry along the cut plane."

Grid Fill (bpy.ops.mesh.fill_grid)

  • span: "Number of grid columns."
  • offset: "Specifies the vertex that is the corner of the grid."
  • use_interp_simple: "Use simple interpolation of grid vertices."

Checker Deselect

  1. This tool description has been changed from "Select every Nth…" to "Deselect every Nth…", see here. So it would be more correct "Deselect every not Nth…", "Remain selected every Nth…" or something.
  1. Checker Deselect for curves has wrong description.
  1. Rename the "Nth Selection" to "Nth Element", since it used for both select (Shortest Path) and deselect (Checker Deselect).
  1. Options tooltips:
    • Nth Selection: "Skip every Nth element."
    • Skip: "Number of elements to skip at once."
    • Offset: "Offset from the starting point."

UV Editor > Select menu > Select Split

Current tooltip: "Select only entirely selected faces".
Apparently, it meant: "Split only entirely selected faces".
This is "Split", not "Select" tool.

See here:

Old tooltip: "Unlink selected UV vertices from active UV map".


74.  "Surface falloff (New)" -> "Surface"
75.  "Every Point (New)" -> "Every Point"

82.  "Curve (New)" -> "Curve"