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Add support for Alembic caches
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When bam packing a file that is using the new Alembic cache modifier, the caches are not being picked up. Would be great to have them evaluated as dependencies, so they can be sent to the render farm as well :)


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Francesco Siddi (fsiddi) renamed this task from Add support for paths in Alembic cache modifier to Add support for Alembic caches.

Fixed in BAM rBAM8994385c634 (released as 1.1.5) and Blender Addons commit rBA08ee275f528f22a17c.
I'll kick the buildbot to create a new build for us to use in the studio.

After talk with Andy, things are a bit more subtle than described...

  • Alembic files should be reported by "bam deps" (without this, "bam pack" will certainly not see the file)
  • Only Alembic files with relative paths should be packed. This gives the artists control over the behaviour. Without this selection, Alembic files will always be packed, for every shot sent to Flamenco.

Selecting which to pack based on relative/absolute path was rejected; added extra filter on file type instead.