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"Find Missing Files" case sensitivity on windows
Closed, ResolvedPublic


Windows 7 64-bit
GeForce GTX 960
2.78c Windows 32 bit

Operation "Find Missing Files" in External Data menu failes to find a file that is different by filename case to the searched missing filename. Example: The missing file inside blender is named "tex.png", and there is an existing file on the system called "TEX.png", Blender will not find it using the "Find Missing Files" operator.


  1. Unpack the archive and keep folder structure
  2. Open test.blend, which has an image named "tex.png" assigned to all faces of the cube. In this directory, the file is not available
  3. Use "Find Missing Files" to search in the subdirectory "subdir", where a file named "TEX.png" exists
  4. Blender reports "Could not find 'tex.png' inside [...]"

Why this is a bug:
Windows files and folder can have case sensitive names, but they are not distincted by case unlike linux. Two files "a.txt." and "A.txt" cannot coexist in one folder. Using any filebrowser (also Blenders filebrowser!) will return the file even if the case is wrong. In the above testfile I can replace the missing texture the following way, without correcting the filename case:

  1. In Blenders UV Image Editor click "Image" -> "Open Image"
  2. Navigate to "subdir"
  3. Click "Open Image"

Blenders filebrowser does work correctly with case-sensitivity, but "Find Missing Files" does not.