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Transform Modal behaving incorrectly
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Windows 10, intel 4770k, GTX770

Broken: 2.78c

Short description of error
When editing a transform during the modal stage you can type in math queries (Example: "360/10" will result in a value of 36). The issue it that when you type "/" the value instead becomes 1/360, pressing "/" again just returns you to "360". The fix right now is to type one value, then type "*", then type 10. The asterisk is required only to enable special characters.

To Reproduce:
Select Object, Press 'R(rotate)', Press 'z', Type "360", Press '/', Type "10". This should provide you with

, instead you will get

The Temporary fix is:
Select Object, Press 'R(rotate)', Press 'z', Type "360", Type '*', Press '/', Type "10".



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