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Keying node broken
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2015 MacBook Pro

Version 2.78c

When feeding a landscape image that has been rotated into the keying node, the top and bottom are chopped off in a weird transparent way. Color key works, but the keying node doesn't.

Example attached{F598091}.



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Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the current compositor design, which has half-finished canvas awareness. The following internal issues are happening:

  • First of all, Keying node is a so-called complex node, meaning, it depends on multiple input pixels and hence a special buffer is created for that (Color key is a simple single-pixel operation which doesn't need such a buffer).
  • This makes it required the node to know resolution of input, but such resolution is not being changed by the rotation node.
  • This confuses keying operation because it starts to read outside of the original image, and has no way to detect this to do special tricks for the matte pass.

We are definitely looking into improving compositor system, but it takes time. For the time being you can work around the issue by either rotating the input image externally or scaling the image to Render size with Fit mode prior to the keying node (and then scale it /move to a required position if needed).

Thanks for the report, but for until real canvas is in place this is not considered a bug.