Osl works different in MacOs and Windows: attribute quering
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System Information
Windows 10 and latest MacOs

Blender Version
Broken: 2.78 fb82948

  1. I use latest blender (the same daily build) on Windows and MacOs at the same time
  2. I render layer with material overload to calculate special values on image
  3. Currently i see DIFFERENT behaviour between Windows and MacOs systems in some areas of OSL shader.

Specifically quering for UVMap and Vertex Color values via getattribute("uv map name/vertextCol map name") and getmessage("trace", "uv map name/vertextCol map name") is working on MacOs and NOT working in Windows.

In Windows it produces (0,0) always. In MacOs attributes are real values from object.

The same problem exist with "geom:uv" attribute - works in MacOs build and not working in Windows build.

Basic U and V global variables works in both builds but in different ways:

  • In MacOs they respect uvmap attached.
  • In windows U and V denotes simle mapping per triangle rendered

With this limitations it is hard to write OSL code for both platforms, see attached blend for minimal example.

P.S. Thanks for Blender, it`s great!