Principled BSDF
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Linux Ubuntu 17.04 64 bit, GTX 750

Blender v2.78.5 testbuild 2.79
Broken: No Principled BSDF option in ADD menu --> Shader
Worked: It is located in the properties window for the surface option of a material.

Select object- assign new material- open node editor- "Shift A" to add node, choose "Shader"- no "Principled BSDF"


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Are you using any addons? I know one of the addons I use which defines its own conductive metal node had a bug in its shader menu manipulation and would remove any shaders it didn't recognize (most importantly for me, the principled BSDF).

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An addon causing this seems likely. As far as I can tell none of the addons we ship with Blender have this issue, so we definitely need more info to reproduce this problem or determine that it's not a bug in Blender itself.

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