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Hotkeys conflict
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System Information
W10, 64b

Blender Version

Short description of error
There is new option in hotkey for 3D manipulator:

But it is not possible set it to same bahviour as previous version, when you have your custom hotkeys.

For rotate / pan / zoom in viewport I use L/M/R mouse button + some key on the keyboard. Similar controls is in the Houdini (space + mouse button)

But with new 3D Manipulator hotkey options, even I am holding key + mouse button, I still move with manipulator. Blender is filtering only Shift / Ctrl / Alt / Cmd, but not another keys. So Right Mouse button with Space is same as Right Mouse Button only.

As I mentioned before, it works great in 2.78.



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This comment was removed by Cenek Strichel (cenda).

Got it!

Previous 3D manipulator hotkey was hardcoded. Now it is placed on top of hotkey list. When I move it down, it works exactly same as before. So you can close it. Anyway maybe question is: Is it good that Right Mouse + Some hotkey is for Blender same as Right Mouse only. Right Mouse + Alt is also different thing that Right Mouse only.

Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) claimed this task.

Ctrl/shift/alt do indeed work different than other hotkeys that can also be used as modifiers, not doing that can lead to missed clicks when users press buttons quickly, and some other subtle key conflicts.