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NLA Tweak Strip Actions, disables Only Selected Keyframes
Closed, ResolvedPublic


Windows 7 64-bit, GTX 770 OC

Blender 2.79RC 6af7d7e

Timeline >> [View >> Only Keyframes from Selected Channels]
Python: Scene.show_keys_from_selected_only["Scene"].show_keys_from_selected_only

When entering tweak mode for NLA tracks, Blender automatically disables the above option. It will re-enable it, if you enabled it before or during tweak, but it will never enter Tweak Mode with it checked.

I don't see any way to disable this "auto-disable" thing and it's really annoying to have to re-enable it every time I start tweaking (to go to keyframes for only the selected bones)

Event Timeline

AFAIK, nothing should be touching anything there. Or at least, that particular setting shouldn't be getting cleared explicitly.

However, IIRC, there is another flag that does get set/cleared to indicate that tweakmode is enabled in the scene. It's possible that the old clearing code wasn't updated to only clear the tweakmode-flag. Will investigate further...