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Deleting force field doesn't remove "Surface" from modifier stack
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System Information
Win7 64bit

Blender Version
Broken: 2.78c

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Press X in Physics tab to remove Force Field, go to modifier stack -> Surface is still here

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I confirm the problem with attached blend but I can't reproduce from scratch with 2.78c or master.

It looks like in your .blend Surface modifier is absent when we open it and it appears when we remove force field.

I can re-add force field and remove it a second time and this time, Surface modifier is gone.

Can you explain how you made a mesh with a Surface Force Field that does not have a Surface modifier ?

Add for example Bevel modifier to default cube. When adding Force Field, you need to choose Charge force and switch it to Surface type. Then try to delete the force

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I tried to reproduce the issue following your steps, with no success so far… We really need a valid way to reproduce it to be able to investigate.

Ok, I recorded steps from above (made from default scene):

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Tried those exact steps with current master, and could not reproduce the issue. I could reproduce it with official 2.78c though, so I’ll assume this has already been fixed one way or the other.

Please always try the latest build from our buildbot.

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Actually, could reproduce it…