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Animated textures (like MP4) are not refreshing during playback or frame changing
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System Information
Windows 10 x64 version 1703

Blender Version
Broken: 2.79 release

Short description of error
When I load an mp4 as a texture for a plane the texture won´t refresh unless I have the texture panel opened, and if I press playback in the timeline, it won´t refresh unless I do that with the keyboard while having the mouse over the textures panel

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
1.- Import an mp4 as a texture for a plane, be sure to check auto-refresh
2.- scrub the timeline
3.- It doesn´t work
4.- open the texture panel
5.- scrub the timeline
6.- it does work
7.- press playback with the mouse
8.- It does not playback
9.- put the mouse over the texture panel
10.- play the scene with the keyboard (Atl+A)
11.- it refreshes
12.- Stop it
13.- press the OpenGL Render Active Viewport
14.- it does not refresh the texture either
15.- put the moouse over the texture panl and play the scene with the keyboard (Alt+A)
16.- it refreshes during the playback
17.- while playing press the OpenGL Render Active Viewport
18.- It does refresh the texture in the render



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In the Timeline, go to the "Playback" menu and enable the "Property Editors" checkbox.

Ok, this means that I don't have to have the mouse over the texture panel when I press playback, but IF i'm not in the texture panel, the texture won't play back, no matter what do I activate in the Playback menu...

And when you press the OpenGL render it does not refresh the texture during the render unless you were already in playback...

I think this is a valid bug, if you want I can fill in two different bugs without the part solved with the Playback menu, but it's a small part.

Juan Gea (juang3d) reopened this task as Open.Sep 15 2017, 10:05 AM

I promise I won't change the status of the task again if you say this is not valid and it has some correct workflow, but I was not sure if you were receiving the updates since it was tagged as invalid, so I re-enabled it.

Sergey Sharybin (sergey) closed this task as Archived.

OpenGL is having hard time with movies and image sequences because currently OpenGL materials does not have a proper image user to store/update frame for image access. This is a known TODO, and it'll be more efficient to address this in new viewport of Blender2.8.