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View - Clip values are reseting when switch in Object Local View
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System Information

Blender Version
Broken: 2.79
Worked: (optional)

Short description of error
Camera Clip values are reseting every time I enter in User Persp (Local)

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
3D View Editor - Properties - View - Clip - Change values.
Select an object enter in Local View with " \ " shortcut.
The values are reseting to the default ones 0.100 / 1000.000

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Please attach a .blend fle demonstrating the problem.

I can't reproduce on linux (ubuntu 16.04 64bits) with both official 2.79 and master.

I've done some test and I realise that if I change the clip value in Local mode when exit from Local the value is changing to the initial one.
Don't know if this is the normal.
At the begining didn't notice this comportment, I thought that is reseting the value all the time.

OK !
I can reproduce and confirm the issue.

It looks like is a little inconsistency, here. Any setting of View panel is kept during a switching between local/global view.
If Lens value is preserved, I would be logical that clipping would be preserved, too.

But in practice, when you are switching from Global View to Local View, you are zooming from a scene with a large amount of assets to only selected ones.
If you are changing clipping in Local view, probability that theses values are annoying in Global View is stronger than the reverse action : changing settings in Global View.
It is probably the reason of current behaviour.

Having specific settings or preferences for Local View could be discussed as an UI Design task. Currently, there is no solution for fast hiding in 2.8 branch.
Collections definition and distribution on different renderlayers is a slow process.
And 3DView settings are independent of renderlayers.
So, this ability of blender to switch quickly between a component object and an assembly for fast modeling is not restored in 2.8, yet.
Solution may be a new Local View or a completely different tool.
But with an uncertain future of Local View, this little clipping change preference is not really a priority.