Rigify Animation Tools not functioning
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System Information
Windows 10
GTX 970

Blender Version
Blender: 2.79
Rigify: 0.5

Short description of error
Switch Rotation-Pole, among other buttons, do nothing except deselect all objects.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Select a Rigify IK control in Pose mode, then select Switch Rotation-Pole from the Rig Main Properties section in the Properties tab, or any of the buttons in the Rigify Animation Tools window, and observe as the only effect is objects being deselected.


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I can confirm that it seems that it is not working (from Animation tools panel or Main Rig Properties panel for Pole / Rotation switch). For IK/FK snapping, seems it is working from Main Rig Properties, but not from Animation tools panel.


I can confirm the issue. Trying to rollback to the commit that broke it. Will report results asap.

Hi, @Shane (LegendOfLinq)

There is a problem on the blend file you uploaded. It does not have a rig_ui.py file (so no snapping functions are present for the limbs) and there are no keyframes. That is why the pole-rotation Switches in Animation tools were not working

Nonetheless, there was a regression in the Switch rotation-pole operator of the n-panel preventing it to function when no keys were present in the current frame for the selected bone.

This has been fixed and will be published on master asap.

For the time being please refer to the unofficial Rigify you can find on my repo:
Rigify Mad Master

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