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Grease Pencil layer changes affect all layers
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System Information

Blender Version
Broken:2.79 11-11 build

Short description of error

Create and draw stroke and fill on one layer
Add a grease pencil layer, draw.
Change stroke fill and it changes all layers stroke fill.
As per blender manual:
"all the strokes on a layer (not just those made after a particular change) are affected by that layer’s color, opacity, and stroke thickness settings."



Event Timeline

This is not a bug. Since version 2.78 the colors are controlled by the palettes and these palettes are shared between all layers, so any change in the colors affect all layers. Before 2.78 the colors were by layer and worked as you expected in your bug report.

I'm not sure if the user guide is unupdate.

I close this report because is not a bug.