Showing linked scene in 2.8, crashes on load
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There is a bug in 2.8x where saving with an active linked scene crashes on reload.
There isn't much to redo this error

In the attached file:

  • Open link_dst.blend
  • Switch the scene to Scene Link
  • Save, Load (crash)


See P567 for the crash log, although Im not sure this points to the root cause.

From looking into this it seems readfile.c expects the view_layer pointer in the workspace to exist in the scene - which isn't the case when the scene is linked.

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This raises the question on how view-layers should be handled when linking scenes. Should we link view-layers with them? If so how can we do this (since view-layers aren't IDs)?
I don't recall if we ever discussed this.

EDIT - NVM, read next comment.

Bah... I'm a moron :| View-layers belong to the scene data-block, so we can read them just fine when linking. NVM then, this is not an issue...

Note that this is a symptom of T54140.