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rake brush spacing wrong since revision 076616898bff
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this commit:
Fix T53577: Rake sculpt/paint wrong on first step

introduced a new bug:
spacing of the brush changes radically when scaling the brush, doesn't anymore work when the brush is scaled down beyond some grows like it would be absolute distances or something, I don't see this quite clearly. The brush should behave consistently when scaled up/down...

In the uploaded file below, please test the 'seam' brush. the file itself should show the issue quite clearly, also attaching 2 screenshots.

this bug:

VS old bug(first step wrong):

as a little side - note, I don't know why blender's rake option doesn't have an 'roll' option that would enable applying various alphas in much better way. see it here:
blender's rake actually always applies the center of the image. Roll means that the seamless alpha (should be seamless for this) is offset each brush step, and thus the brush-center of the image is taken from a different y-coordinate of the image. Probably also some image deform could be applied, but definitely just taking a different center/offseting each step would be a big + by now.

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I forgot to pack the brush alpha into the example file, here is the file also with the brush:

Peeked in the code and it's quite clear what happens.
the check if there's enough distance for estimating rake brush orientation is resetting, so small steps aren't possible.
The check should happen only on the beginning of the stroke, now it happens after every brush application...
Is that clear?

There should be a bugfix release soon and this bug literally brakes sculpting.