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Force field size limitations
Closed, ResolvedPublic


System Information
Windows 10, GTX 980

Blender Version
2.79, 2.80

Short description of error

For large scenes, all force fields with a size parameter (or maximum/minimum) are currently broken.
FieldSetting.size parameter is capped to 10, any numerical entry above 10 will be limited to 10.
FieldSetting.distance_max is capped to 1000
That forces the user to resize down large scenes for the value of 10 to be useful, this causes many pipeline problems when trying to use a consistent scale across scenes.

Suggest removing arbitrary caps, or giving an option for relative scaling.
For ex it could be : Noise scale = Field dimensions + "scale" multiplier

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Any scene , any blender version. Add particles, add turbulence field. Scale scene up 100x or 1000X.
The noise on the turbulence field is now too small and the "size" num entry is capped to 10.

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