AN Loft Splines not observing vertex hooks
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Win 8.1 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti

Blender 2.79

Animation Nodes ~ Loft Splines

I am able to change the vertex of the loft's source splines and see the generated mesh morph as expected.

I'm also able to use Hooks to move a point of that surface control curve like this demonstration.

Unfortunately the curve moves independently and even offsets after hooking when moving the vertex in edit mode. It actually jumps to a different location in edit mode after being moved by the hook control mesh.
My guess is the animation node should appear in the modifiers and then I can put the order of the hook before it.
Maybe there is really a bug there, or it's super unclear what to do so maybe a toggle is needed somewhere (either in Splines from Object or the Hook modifier) to enable this to be even more procedural by allowing vertex hooks changes/animation to be observed by the animation nodes Loft Spline node.



Sorry, for maintenance of this add-on you'll have to contact the author, because it's not officially maintained / hosted by Blender - it's not in release nor contribution.

You can check if the add-on is a third party one by downloading a developer build of blender and look at the 2.7x/scripts/addons and addons_contrib folders, or check out the under Release and Contrib columns.

Also, before contacting the third party developer of the add-on be sure to:

  1. You have the latest version of the add-on
  2. Follow the instructions for installing and enabling it
  3. Provide some additional information if needed - blender version, a file that produces the error.

Closing as archived.

I posting on Stack Exchange and someone kindly explained the author says it's beyond his ability due to limitations in Blender.

I don't want to be argumentative here, I'm looking to have this problem rephrased in a way that facilitates the ability in the long run, thanks.

Maybe it is that there is a way to enable addon developers to (in his reposted words) "allow scripts to get the result of curve modifiers in a way that is suitable for AN"?

Please share your thoughts on the possibility and/or likely hood of this being addressed, thanks.

I've posted an example of this as requested the animation slider will reveal the issue. Further one can still grab the same line in a different location? and see the mesh updating as expected.

Okay well I've made a cross reference issue with the developer as well.

Since the report is closed in the animation nodes Github, and the context of the report is a feature request closing this report.

If there is a feature request related to the specific tool improvement needed, please consult the appropriate venues for it.