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More accessible infos in Flamenco
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The Jobs page for Flamenco on could make some information a bit more accessible.
In the Tasks overview we see the kind of render tasks and the status, but not which worker is working on that particular task. For that you'd have to click on the task (for example "blender-render-1-3") and then we see the name of the worker. Would be nice to see that right away, maybe next to the small infotext "Completed" / "Active".

Some information that is currently not available at all is how long a job was rendering.
As @Sybren A. Stüvel (sybren) already pointed out in there could be variations of that information:

  • How long did it take to finish the job from the moment it started to the point where it was completed.
  • What was the duration of the actual render time.

As for me, the latter would be much more interesting. Maybe even how long it took per worker.

Having the job info on is really cool, that way I can monitor the rendering in our studio also from home.
For that it would be nice to have the last rendered image displayed also there, not just in the local manager, to be able to see if there are render errors also from abroad.

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