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bevel operator regression
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System Information
win 7 pro 64

Blender Version
Broken: (2.79.3 7e4c23e)
Worked: (2.79.1 34fe3f9)

Short description of error
bevel operator does not save the bevel settings. if you have e.g. two meshes and make some bevel on some edges in the first one, then go to the second and try to do the exact same bevel it starts from zero. it is even more problematic when the bevel have some weird value e.g. 0,1267 and you do not remember it when trying bevel on other mesh. it is pretty annoying and slowing down to remember and setting the value every time on every new mesh.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. add cube, duplicate it
  2. make some bevel on some edge in first one
  3. go to the second cube and try to recreate the same bevel on some edge
  4. you cannot( unless you noted it)

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Ray molenkamp (LazyDodo) lowered the priority of this task from 90 to 50.

I can confirm the issue, pretty sure this is due to T53145 and rB2bf382571126382d80bd12b471324d38a480cd6a

i kinda like the old behavior as well (remembering the bevel) but i'm unsure if this is a regression or new wanted behavior.

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) ?

As far as I can tell this behavior is the same in the official 2.78, 2.79 and 2.79a releases. It only remembered the bevel settings for some time in daily builds, due to an accidental change. We got bug reports about and I restored the behavior in T53145. If you read the descriptions there you can see people are confused by it remembering the bevel values and considering that broken.

Personally I'm fine with remembering the bevel value and changing the behavior from the official releases, I can see how it is convenient. Some other people will be unhappy about that then but that's how it is.

See also:

@Howard Trickey (howardt), @Campbell Barton (campbellbarton), any opinion on this?

it is not the same as 2.79 and earlier though. but the behavior is inconsistent in those versions.

  1. -factory-startup, select the cube go into edit mode.
  1. select a vertex, hit ctrl-b and enter to end the bevel
  1. hit f6, enter 0.25 in the ammount
  1. select a different vertex and hit ctrl-b and hit enter again.

in 2.79 step 4 produces a beveled edge at 0.25 , while 2.79a bevels at 0 giving a square corner.

The key is to enter a value in the ammount field, if you just use the mouse to set the bevel, the behavior between 2.79 and 2.79a is the same.

I suggest to provide a feature in bevel settings e.g. "reset values" for those users who like to remember all the settings in all operators and set them manually every time

I don't think more settings are really the solution here, it's too obscure.

The key is to enter a value in the ammount field, if you just use the mouse to set the bevel, the behavior between 2.79 and 2.79a is the same.

That is odd, I don't think this was by design, though maybe @Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) knows more about this.

I don't see the error, is the correct behaviour and the same since at least Blender 2.5. Also Bevel now is affected because remember the cuts in some builds. I need to test it and see if I must report the bug.

If you want repeat a bevel you can use the repeat last (Shift R) or the repeat history (F3)

Alberto, it is not the same behaviour since 2.5 because in 2.78.4 it works good( remember bevel amount set it menu F6). No, you cannot repeat the bevel with shift r if you go out of edit mode. And repeat history is solving problem around and is 1 more step to do bevel with previous setting. And that is the problem, bevel does not remember bevel amount.

I have downloaded blender 2.78, 2.78a, 2.78b, 2.78c, 2.79, 2.77a, 2.76b, 2.74 from the webpage and I check it, I didn't see any option like you talk... You can download these release builds and you won't see that option. I don't go to check more builds. And I have search in google and the only mention to "remember bevel amount" is this thread.

And I don't see why is a problem use history (F3 -> Select Action) when it add the less steps that your F6 menu (Ctrl+B, click to confirm Bevel, F6, click in option)

The option would be system wide, and called something like "Remember previous operator settings: True/False". You would Ctrl+B and confirm whatever you want. After that, each time you Ctrl+B you get the values that were confirmed prior. No additional button required, just Ctrl+b, Ctrl+b, Ctrl+b etc. etc. It's system wide since this would work with the Inset operator too, and probably others.

When I Shift+A to add a Circle, or Cylinder, or Torus, those operators already have memory, so each new instance of those objects gets whatever I had filled in before. Same idea here.

I though that It is a bug tracker, not a feature request.

I gave exact steps on how to get 2.79 and earlier to act differently than 2.79a. I'm not sure how this would be a feature request.

daniel (midan) added a comment.EditedMar 6 2018, 11:32 PM

Alberto, did you read all the post from the very begining?As LazyDodo wrote, try it. And of course there is no any option to remember bevel amount(that is why you googled it only in this thread). I only talk about how blender works in itself. If you in F6 in 2.79 set some amount then when you do bevel, it remember the set value. and there is no option to check "remember value". in 2.79a it does not work that way as in 2.79. simple, clear now?

I committed a fix now: repeating the operator (Shift R, F3) will use the previously chosen offset, either interactively set with Ctrl+B or typed in (I don't think whether the value is remembered should be different between those). The interactive Ctrl+B will still always start at zero.

I don't know if that addresses the exact case reported by @daniel (midan), since the steps in the original report are ambiguous. If it still doesn't work as you want in some case, please mention the exact shortcut keys pressed.

Hi Brecht, nothing has changed. I tried in official 2.79a, 2.79 c169454 and official 2.78c. In 2.78 it works and in 2.79 not. So here are the steps to check it:

  1. shift+a to add cube
  2. tab to edit mode cube, select some edge and ctrl+b to bevel with mouse move
  3. select other edge and ctrl+B to bevel

till now is ok bevel starts at 0 but after:

  1. select another edge and ctrl+b to bevel, click F6 and type amount e.g. 0.2 and enter to accept
  2. select another edge and ctrl+b to bevel, click mouse button to accept and bevel has 0.2 now

and it should work this way - if you use mouse move to bevel after ctrl +B then let it starts at 0
but when you do ctrl +b, F6, type amount, select other edge, ctrl+B and click only(without mouse move) then bevel has already the amount typed earlier (remember it).

Right, but that's what I intended. If you want to repeat the bevel, you can use Shift R or F3. I can't see a good reason to be inconsistent between typing in a value and moving the mouse to set the value.

Ok, I understood. thank you. Two things haunt me:

  1. shift+r works if you are doing bevel one after another - you repeating just last command, and it is fine with this case
  2. history F3 is also good, but what if there are so many commands after bevel that it is not in history list ( or is but there are so many commands you have to find bevel instead just clicking ctrl+b) and you want to do bevel with previous amount you dont remember?

I accept new behaviour. I also think that it would be good to have an option (remember/save settings) to check in F6 menu

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) hello, in 2.79b still have problem, like flow:



This is the last time that I told, that behaviour is not correct and is not correct in any program.

Yes, sorry, I guess this fix was not correctly backedported to 2.79b. I was away from my PC this week for reasons, so I wasn't able to test it in time before the release.

Alberto, the point is that this worked as Daniel described until 2.79 release inclusive and this may have been useful for many users. Then something changed.
I do not know if it has been mentioned, but for the value to be remembered in 2.79 and earlier it is necessary to enter values from context menu first (T panel or F6). If you did not enter the value from the context menu, the last value is not applied when you apply bevel again (at least in Linux). So suppose you applied Bevel with amount=0.5 on an edge by modifying the value from the context menu. Then, select another edge and you apply Bevel=1 but enter it from numpad keyboard (Ctrl B - 1). Suppose that you select another edge and apply Bevel. The value 1 entered from the keyboard is not remembered, instead 0.5 is still remembered and applied.

That behaviour don't have any sense from user pov. Bevel tool remember a value sometimes and the user cannot know the reason why that happens (only if they read this thread). It only create frustation in new users that some time before enter the bevel value in the panel and they will keep that behaviour all the modeling sesion, hours later. Only because a few users don't want to use the F3 or repeat.

A simple example.

  • A user create a bevel precise with the panel and add 3 cuts => The user will need to quit the three cuts in each bevel operation. Hundreds of extra steps.

That happens to me and it is a bad and boring of behaviour. It breaks workflow of 95% of the users to make some users don't use Shift+R or F3 menu.

Everyone, please describe the exact shortcut keys and actions to reproduce it, the Blender version you tested it in (2.79b or master), and what you expect to happen differently. GIFs or ambiguous descriptions are confusing.

From what I can tell, the GIF in T54206#490160 has the intended behavior. That is, if you want to repeat the bevel operation with the same amount you need to use Shift + R or F3 now. Pressing Ctrl + B will now always reset the amount to 0.0. Other values like the number of cuts are remembered.

Sorry if I introduced confusion to the report.

I do not have decided an expected behavior, just describing behavior differences between versions of Blender, because I had the feeling that Alberto did not understand when last values were remembered and "automatically applied" by just pressing Ctrl+B and Enter, due to the original report lacks the explanation that this must be modified from the context menu for that it will then have that behavior.
I also got confused because I thought that the last message showing those GIF animations had been published by the person who opened the report.
Currently I can not compile 2.79b branch for an error that I have, sorry for not being able to test in 2.79b.

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) , Sorry, my English not good, so show it in gif, you are right, in previous version, the option in F6 panel will be remembered, 2.79b can't remember the amount value, but others looks ok, like the cuts number.

Two suggestion,
first, make behavior like the old version, no change, or maybe add some button to rest defaults;
second, like Alberto, all default when operate, no remember everything, include nothing ( currently, still some will be remember, like cuts number). maybe a tip on release log, repeat by Shift+R or F3;

Thanks for your care

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) some time has passed. I accepted new behaviour of bevel/inset value. But working with this is slower and less effective.
history list has some amount of items and very often you cannot repeat previously used command because it is not in history list. and you have to set the desired value from scratch. It would be a lot more better to have behaviour as earlier -shortcut to bevel/inset remember the value or if it cannot be in that way, then have option in F6 panel to remember value.
All users would have then choice how they want operator to work