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Middle Click on Header menu entry to repeat last action of select menu, possible?
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In Softimage (and now Maya) every menu header would have a memory and if you middle click a menu it would repeat the last action used uniquely in that menu - meaning if I wanted to, I could turn a menu into a single operator button with repeat use without needing to use a shortcut or open the same menu over and over again, I wouldn't even need a toolbar.

Choose from the header menu 3D View>View>View Global/Local
Now middle click on 3D View>View in the header and it will repeat the last action in that submenu "View Global/Local"

Now if I go to the same menu and choose 3D View>View>Toggle Quad View
I now can middle click on 3D View>View and it will now "Toggle Quad View" without me needing to open, move mouse and choose or use a hotkey.

I know Blender has it's limits to it's core - and changing anything would require a lot of work - but technically, could it be possible to make a watchdog for each menu write a memory of last used operator and create conditional triggers when middle clicking on a menu of last remembered use - would this be possible? Maybe through an addon?

This is NOT the "Repeat Last" action for global operations, it is custom to the header parent menu entries.

Just curious to know if this is even possible.



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I'm afraid such a thing is not implemented (yet) for each menu, closest thing is the Repeat Last as you already mentioned.
Of course this could be implemented [without checking in depth I would even say as an addon], just hasnt been done afaik.

While we love to hear these ideas, this is not the right place for them. This website is mainly used to track bug reports and not feature requests.
But luckyly, there are some other nice solutions you can take, so please have a look