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Untranslated texts
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(Blender 2.79, date: 2018/04/15 – 19:46, hash: 80f7249d09a, branch: blender 2.8)

  • General (Editor Category)
  • Video Sequencer
  1. ‘Video Sequencer’ has been updated from ‘Video Sequence Editor’ in the file (rna_space.c) but the change is not yet propagated to the ‘po’ files.
  2. ‘General’ doesn't exist in the ‘po’ files.

See the example image below:



Event Timeline

Just notice the text 'Scripting' (Editor Category) is also missing from 'po' file. You can see it in the posted image as well.

Just need to update po files, didn’t do that since months… :/
But really, no point making a report for that. ;)