Keymap for setting start/end frame from animation/timeline editors
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With the Timeline -> Dopesheet change, we can no longer use S and E to set the start and end frames (as this conflicts with dopesheet keyframes for "Scale" and "Extend" respectively).

At the same time, it would be useful if we could have some kind of standard hotkey for setting the start/end frame from within the Sequencer, and other animation editors too.

This design task is to address this issue.



A common shortcut in video editors is [i] and [o], for In and Out points respectively. These could work when mouse over the scrollbar/frame numbers, and on RMB on the frame -> Set In/Out point. Also more of a general term since we are not always seeing frames (sometimes seconds when doing video editing).

(Side note: I've just moved the relevant operators to the "anim" module - so now they'll be ANIM_OT_start_frame_set and ANIM_OT_end_frame_set respectively)

I & O conflict though. You could make it only work over the scroll bar, but may become unpredictable. Maybe left/right brackets? Or a modifier key + I / O?

I wouldnt use left and right brackets because depending on the language of the keyboard they sometimes get hidden behind modifier keys


I've made a very thorough complete overhaul of Blender's default keymap. I've spent over 80 hours on it. It's quite intuitive in many areas, so I guess it could help as a reference not only here, but also in following input mapping changes.

Here's sheet with the layout:

Here's a description:

Here's the keymap itself:

And here are some videos going over it:

I've already spent a lot of time and put lot of thought to it, so I'd be happy if it helped to save you some work.

Specifically for start and end keyframes, those are mapped to Shift+Home and Shift+End on my keymap.

How about Shift + I & Shift + O ?

IIRC, Shift-O is currently used for "Sample Keys". That said, maybe we don't need a dedicated hotkey for it (and the Smooth Keys - Alt-O) operators, as I don't think they're actually used that much that they necessarily need the hotkey.