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Hi, welcome to the blender 2.8 documentation development task. This task and all subsequent subtasks are related to working on documentation for the next official Blender release (Blender 2.8).

This is not a complete list of everything that needs to be done, but it should give a good starting point for reminders of things that need to get done.

Each task should give some sort of link to find more information on the feature that needs to be documented. Most often this is a link to the actual code commit, but can also be design task, or some other documentation that the developer wrote themselves. As an author, you can use this to gather information of the feature. If you don't understand a feature you can talk to a developer who helped implement the feature or perform and internet search to learn about the feature from others who have already published information on the task.

How to Contribute

We want as many people to contribute to the documentation as possible. We understand that not everyone might have the technical knowledge to understand exactly and to use subversion, sphinx, and the markup language (restructed text) however, we will accept any help given to us.

Before you start contributing it may be helpful to read the style guides which give instructions on how to write with RST and some goals of the manual.

Now that you are familiar with the process, you can get setup, edit, and contribute your changes by following these links:

  1. Install
  2. Build
  3. Edit
  4. Build again
  5. Patch or Commit

If you do help us, the above method is prefered, however, you can write documentation in other formats and someone else can copy it over to our system. While it is a bit harder for us, you can share documentation written in a shareable document format, or simply include the written documentation as a reply to the task you would like to work on.


To Do

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some additions from my list (not confirmed, outdated):

  • Proxy/override system
  • Asset manager
  • Outliner refactor
  • Gsoc projects: Custom normal edit, new UV tools?
  • Fluid/smoke - Mantaflow?

Related Wiki dev page are overview, migration.

Does some names have changed or are they different things:
Toolbar or Topbar, Workbench or Workspace?

I think we should quantify how much time it will take for each:
Pages affected or x of n (1/5) or low-high...

Maybe a 'Modified' headline for e.g. Grease Pencil,
and subtasks for the big ones.

Does some names have changed or are they different things:
Toolbar or Topbar, Workbench or Workspace?

They are different, the Toolbar is part of the Topbar. Workbench is a render engine (like Eevee but designed for modeling) A workspace is kinda like a renamed form of Screen but has overides for example.

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+ Fracture Modifier
new 3d cursor

cycles :random walk subsurface scattering

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Grease Pencil 2.0 (is there a better place we can put this?) (Split annotation tool from 3d drawing?)

@Aaron Carlisle (Blendify) The new Grease pencil is not just an UI tweak, it'll be splited: Grease pencil will be a brand new Blender object to draw in the 3Dviewport, and for all other editors will be an annotation tool (don't know yet the final name) with trimed features just to make quick notes.

So I suggest to put Grease Pencil as object in "Additions" and Annotation tool in "Moves/Changes"

List of shortcuts changed: T55194 (may be better to check with a script when the time comes)

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Manual entry for D3786 if accepted


in addition to current tasks which list the code changes, would it make sense to add to workboard clean-up tasks for each section of the current soon-to-be-outdated manual? It might be easiest first to clean up each section of current manual to correspond to 2.8, and after that go through the tasks about code changes, to make sure that all code changes are included in manual. Would that work?

Please excuse me if there already exists a plan on how the manual upgrade is going to be carried out. I haven't found info about any specifics, so I wonder how this is going to be done. I hope to be able to help on this. Thanks!

Hi again,

I had some time this weekend to test upgrade a tiny fraction of current manual. I upgraded a few first parts in the User Interface chapter, which I list in the front page. I uploaded the result temporarily to for viewing. Any comments, @Aaron Carlisle (Blendify), @Inês Almeida (brita_), @Brecht Van Lommel (brecht)? Should I continue this work? I might have few days next week to spare. Thanks!

@Tuomo Keskitalo (tkeskita), help with the manual is definite welcome. I suggest you submit the changes you made so they can be reviewed:

Yes please follow this advice and try to keep changes broken up and use the child tasks to post links to there patches.

OK thanks, I'll try. I'll be adding links to differentials to subtasks.

It seems diffs are done always against current svn head revision. Is it OK for me to submit several patches against same svn head revision? So I don't need to wait for approval of one patch before submitting another patch?

Yes, you can submit other patches.