Documentation for 2.8 (WIP)
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This task is a list of things that will have to be done for the 2.8 release:


A set schedule is still not set date on when we should start modifying the actual repository so, for now, we are in a planning phase.


  • Frame server removed
  • BGE removed
  • Armature sketching removed
  • Blender Internal removed
  • Texface removed
  • Background images T52668



Document Structure

We should discuss some structure for some pages that we might want to change.


  • render_engines/
    • eevee -- Document Eevee related settings
    • cycles -- Document cycles related settings
    • workbench
  • Nodes? -- Same nodes are used in cycles and Eevee.


To Do

Related Objects

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some additions from my list (not confirmed, outdated):

  • Proxy/override system
  • Asset manager
  • Outliner refactor
  • Gsoc projects: Custom normal edit, new UV tools?
  • Fluid/smoke - Mantaflow?

Related Wiki dev page are overview, migration.

Does some names have changed or are they different things:
Toolbar or Topbar, Workbench or Workspace?

I think we should quantify how much time it will take for each:
Pages affected or x of n (1/5) or low-high...

Maybe a 'Modified' headline for e.g. Grease Pencil,
and subtasks for the big ones.

Does some names have changed or are they different things:
Toolbar or Topbar, Workbench or Workspace?

They are different, the Toolbar is part of the Topbar. Workbench is a render engine (like Eevee but designed for modeling) A workspace is kinda like a renamed form of Screen but has overides for example.

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+ Fracture Modifier
new 3d cursor

cycles :random walk subsurface scattering

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Grease Pencil 2.0 (is there a better place we can put this?) (Split annotation tool from 3d drawing?)

@Aaron Carlisle (Blendify) The new Grease pencil is not just an UI tweak, it'll be splited: Grease pencil will be a brand new Blender object to draw in the 3Dviewport, and for all other editors will be an annotation tool (don't know yet the final name) with trimed features just to make quick notes.

So I suggest to put Grease Pencil as object in "Additions" and Annotation tool in "Moves/Changes"

List of shortcuts changed: T55194 (may be better to check with a script when the time comes)

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