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2.8 UI Tools: Tool Tweaking UI
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William Reynish (billreynish)
May 12 2018, 5:57 PM
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In Blender, both tools and commands have settings that let users tweak the result of an action. Here's how we want to display these settings in Blender 2.8:

Command Tweaking

When using a Command, such as Subdivide or Remove Doubles, we have settings that users can tweak. Rather than presenting users with a blocking popup window, we have a system that makes it possible to tweak these settings fluidly, seeing the result immediately without blocking the UI. In Blender 2.79, we placed these settings inside the 3D View toolbar, at the bottom, but that created a few issues:

  • Commands can be executed in any Editor, not just the 3D View.
  • It was not possible to easily get to this panel without having the toolbar always showing.
  • It could get lost, hiding in a sub-section of a side-pane of a single Editor.
  • Users had to manually resize the sub-panel to the current size depending on how many settings each command has.

Instead, we'd like to create a system that makes it possible to tweak commands executed in any editor, and have those settings appear as conveniently as possible when you need them, and provide an easy way to hide these settings away when you don't.

Our solution is to present a thin 'tweak bar' inside the current editor, after a command is executed. It stays visible until the user either hits the X, or simply moves on to use other commands.

Some Commands that have more settings that can fit in a horizontal strip. These can instead display as a small floating panel, like so:

Active Tool Tweaking

For some tools, we require input for things that don't map well to a spatial 3D manipulator widget. For this reason, we want to add a numerical manipulator widget to adjust the current tool.

It appears when using a tool, after you've created the initial action - after your Extrusion, your Spin, your Bevel action etc.

This will be implemented via the manipulator system.

Below are some examples of where this is applicable:

Add Cylinder tool:

Add Sphere tool:

Bevel tool:

Spin tool:


We want this interface to be as unobtrusive as possible, while still being easily accessible.

Rather than re-using the large F6 panel, we wanted to make something that will stay out of the way, yet appear close the manipulators when needed.

We've ended up with this thin 'bar' approach, which sits near the bottom of the 3D View.

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"Rather than re-using the large F6 panel, we wanted to make something that will stay out of the way, yet appear close the manipulators when needed.

We've ended up with this thin 'bar' approach, which sits near the bottom of the 3D View."

I hope this isn't gonna entirely replace the F6 panel but simply add more ways of accessing the tool settings. One of the main reasons I switched to Blender was the minimal mouse travel required to perform any task, thanks in part to the menus popping under the mouse cursor at any moment. A bar sitting near the bottom of the 3d view even though visually appealing and a smart way of accessing commands it's not IMO as convenient as the F6 especially for high res displays.

It will not replace the F6 panel. Power users can continue to use that if they wish.

there is no 'z axis' in any of the mock ups ( top right corner ). one x axis and TWO Y AXIS!! please correct it.

I think it's the best way to work, having everything in the 3dview instead of the top bar and hidden in popovers.
You can show the widgets and this line at the same time or hide it when using the widget and show it when releasing the widgets.

You can also add the F6 button in the 3dview like this.

Because on a large screen, to click on the F6 button, it's a long way to the top right !!!
And if the toolbar is hidden, the button and the snap options disappear.

That's why it's better to concentrate information on the subject and not place it everywhere in the UI.
Make 3dview great again ^^

On par with @cédric lepiller (pitiwazou) here. Don't underestimate the power of subtle floating widgets in the 3D view. You could port the complete settings to the viewport, much like you already do with custom armature widgets for characters.

For example, LWCAD made an art out of this.

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