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Collections (parent task)
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Possible improvements for collections user interface:

  • G-key group operators in the 3D viewport and object properties should become more clear.
  • Creating a new collection in the outliner could put all the selected objects (and collections?) in it.
  • Shortcut keys to improve usability, as in T54707.


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Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) created this task.

Would it be too much trouble to allow longer collection (or datablock in general) name length?

My current use case is I have several "library" blend files where I keep large amounts of furniture assets with variations as groups for linking.
I like having descriptive names I can filter by while linking from the File Window like say Furniture_Seats_Couch_BrandName_White, Furniture_Seats_Couch_BrandName_Red or Furniture_Table_Square_Boards_Wood_Dark_TallLegs_Black

While "tagging" names this way for easy filtering/finding, one quickly runs out of space and have to resort to using cryptic acronyms.
Also if these will replace groups as an instancing tool (in some form of "Collection Instances", "Dupligroup"s "Dupli Instances"?) names will still have to remain globally unique, right?

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Brecht, would it be possible to allow parenting by draging and droping mulible objects in the outliner like it is possible to drag and drop multible objects into collections? That would be really great and makes Blender more consistent!

Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) triaged this task as Confirmed, High priority.Apr 9 2019, 1:23 PM

A very nice to have a Collection task!
We've made a devtalk feedback review, with problems considering Collections usability, can be useful.

Creating a new collection in the outliner should put all the selected objects (and collections?) in it.

The issue I have with this is that at the moment we create collections nested to the selected collection.
If we are to support what you suggest we will need to drop this feature.

Right, that is a problem. You could get the old behavior when deselecting everything first, then it could use the active collection. Not entirely obvious though.

These two usability improvements I don't consider high priority by the way.

I can see how this would be a useful feature, but it can also be quite destructive if an unsuspecting user creates a new collection and suddenly finds out all his selected objects were moved there.
It also raises some questions like if objects should be moved to the new collection (removed from all current ones) or should they be linked (remain in their current collections in addition to the new one)?

Since it would be quite easy to move selected objects to the newly created collection afterwards (if creating a new collection doesn't deselect them) I'd vote to keep current behavior (nesting in selected layer) as well.

Ideally though it could be a parameter for bpy.ops.outliner.collection_new operator, and be exposed both in the key map (configurable per key) and in a redo panel for this operator. There the user would toggle between nesting and/or adding selected objects; and choosing between moving or linking to the collection, though I am sure this would not be trivial and probably out of scope here.

Case A [Shift+M - New Collection] creates cumulative collection with cumulative (multihierarchical) object links
That's behaviour of Collections, as it uses cumulativity.

There can be new option next to it, for example
Case B [Shift+M - Collect selection] that places selected objects in new collection non-cumulatively, separating them from other collections.
This is behaviour of common Grouping, and it is a very powerful ability.

Case B will be used much more often, because, basically, cases when you really need cumulativeness in your scene's structure are pretty much rare.
Mostly user will need something like to "separate flowers from vase" or "car from garage" by selecting objects, pressing button and giving Flowers or Car their name.

Aww, it seems that does M - New Collection in 3D Viewport already.
Sorry for that inconvenience.

Considering outliner, the button have description "Add a new collection insie selected collection", so description doesnot promise such a thing.
This can be implemented as a "Collect selection" option from RMB menu in outliner.

A bit another issue about visibility - if objects are created in not visible collection, it creates but not displayes.
Better will be block creating and show info message that current collection is hidden or in hidden collection.

When cube object is member of "collection1" and "collection2", "unlink" can remove cube only from current selected collection. It is reasonable.
But when cube is grouped as "collection1" only, then unlink not remove cube only from "collection1" but unlink from "Scenecollection" then now cube becom as orphan data.

I think it may better, just remove link from "colleciton1" but auto set member of "SceneCollection" ?

If developer plan to force all object must need to be member of sub-collections (not SceneCollection), I understand the behavor, but actually we can easy add object without use collection.
;o(cube become member of "SceneCollection") , so I expect, unlink means only remove the link from current colleciton. (user made), not from SceneColleciton .
or maybetter offer more good tip (infomation).

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