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Implement Driver Workflow Changes
Confirmed, LowPublicTO DO


Followup task to T54653 to work on implementing the workflow changes proposed.
(Note: This is currently a lower priority item than fixing bugs to get 2.8 into a usable state for Spring team. But, I'll be working on this when I get time).

There are the following sub-tasks:

  • Create operator for "Open Drivers Editor" functionality. rBc685c19df95
    • Basic opening functionality
    • Filtering support to get driven property under mouse at the time the "active" driver
    • Abstract out the "Setup Drivers Editor" and "Show this channel" functionality
    • Sub-editor mode for drivers in the mode selector
  • Eyedropper support for clicking in 3D view and getting menu of common properties to drive, based on item under mouse.
    • Basic object support
    • Investigate possibility of bone support too. (NOTE: Last time this was tried, it turned out being too complex to accomplish)
    • Restore cursor feedback when eyedropper is active (T55147)
    • Solve context/src button problems preventing eyedroppers from working in the popover
  • Clean up drivers editor ui - rB57b47ebb284 (and followup commits)
    • Add more space for expressions box
    • Remove "Show Debug Info" checkbox - it's always needed
    • Remove "Update Dependencies" button by making it redundant - Should be ok now without out. It's still in the UI, but will be removed soon
    • Remove "Use Self"? Or rename?
    • Add optional display of useful hints about syntax for expressions and/or what can be used
  • New persistent floating panel UI for editing driver settings
    • Basic layout - rB7e7680e33bb - Use a modified version of the existing drivers editing panel, and make it a popover
    • Floating panel - rB7a88a7742b5 - This makes the panel a popover. But, it doesn't stay open, or let you open the drivers editor
    • Make floating panel stay open - rBb11a1d5da26
    • Get "Open Drivers Editor" button working in the popup (i.e probably missing button context info for source property) - rB1ff28c2650a
    • Get Copy/Paste dvar operator buttons working (currently always greyed out) - rB3e086af79ce
    • Fix issues where popover still goes away too easily sometimes - Seems to be fixed with rB17ee4836aba now. It may still happen, but it happens a whole lot less now.
  • Reduce friction of adding new driver variables / setting up basic single-target drivers
    • Replace 'Add Drivers' Menu with Popover Panel - rB4605e57b0f6
    • Remove old (menu-based) operator
    • "Mapping" settings properties (see proposal)
    • Make setting driver input-target easier (i.e. no more need to change default expression first) - rB9ab26bec276
    • Eyedropper for populating input variable settings (see above)

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