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Some notes on Blender ID setup for development
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After going through a fresh install, we might wanna expand on the following topics in the readme:

  • how to setup and OAuth application
  • how to configure a proper URL for the service (http://id.local:8000)
  • creation of the first superuser should handle creation of nickname and set the confirmation date as well (so that no email confirmation is required)



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Francesco Siddi (fsiddi) triaged this task as Confirmed, Medium priority.

The README in Blender ID suggests http://blender-id:8000/ as URL, but django doesn't seem to like that. Use something like http://id.local:8000/ instead.

  • Add client from OAuth2 application in admin
  • Set a name to the application. Name is not mandatory so you might miss it, but without a name it's very hard to select the app from the list later since only the name is clickable (tsk tsk).
  • Client type and Authorization grant type are mandatory but not specified anywhere, 'Confidential' and 'Authorization code' seem to do the job.

config_local of the app must have:

BLENDER_ID_ENDPOINT = 'http://id.local:8000/'

Otherwise it seems to fallback to blender-id which is not valid anymore.

Your user must be verified by email. To bypass this you need to edit your user in django and set "Confirmation Date" and "Privacy Agreed" under 'important dates'.