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Blender development todo list -- Import/Export
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NOTE: this is a direct dump of (without cherrypicking the [still] valid items)

Blender files and Library linking

  • Mixing "direct" and "indirect" data not well supported T26706
  • Making local data which is still used in libraries, causes problems T44321

All Formats

Currently negative scales will flip faces for formats which don't store object transformations (obj, ply, stl ... etc). T35892


See [[Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Import-Export/Autodesk_FBX]].


  • While Alembic exports particles as points and supports ParticleInstance modifiers it could also support particle duplication (dupliobjects etc.), see T54703


Moving opencollada bugs to TODO has been done since this has so far not yet been effectively maintained.

This is not a step to remove collada support, however if in the next year there is little work done in this area we may have to reconsider.

I propose the first goal to get blender exporting armatures, animation & geometry to 1 application successfully as a first goal.

Since the 2.4x python script was capable of this, it should not be so hard.

Export to SecondLife can be our first target, this has the advantage that secondlife is opensource therefor easier to get hold of for testing.


Short term goals (Blender 2.64)
  • Make export and Import more robust. Idealy reimport of an exported collada file should recreate the original data.
  • Organize module testing. Please feel free to provide test cases and results on the Export page (dead link)
Long term goals
  • Investigate in ways to improve the Collada module. Currently 3 possible approaches are investigated:
    • Fix the current Bugs and make the OpenCollada based module stable and fit for purpose
    • Refactor/Rewrite the module based on OpenCollada
    • Create a Python based solution. (some comments)

Feature set on the GUI

Curent state (june 2012)

Planned (to be approved)

  • Selection Only
  • Include Children (regardless of selection state)
  • Include Armatures
  • Use Object instantiation
  • Export for Second Life

Application Support

Here we collect which Apps Work, Which have issues.
Currently the list is in relation to Blender revision
43930 (pre 2.62)

Collada compatibility
Target SystemStatic MeshesArmaturesAnimationComment
BlenderOKError?Import issues will be fixed after 2.62
Second depth tests in progress
Maya 2012???.Waiting for response from Tester
Test files

Tracker Reports

Reports which have been verified by the reporter as "resolved", will be removed from this list.

Export: Bugs

  • T29672 export bone to collada file, the transform matrix is not right
  • T29345 Collada exported files including bones do not work if imported into Vue...

: needs access to Vue

  • T28662 Collada export, broken animation track name IDs

: "name" attributes of nodes are not properly escaped

  • T25527 COLLADA export issues
  • T40410 [Collada Animation Exporter] Consider armature's world matrix as identity
  • T42327 Collada exporter transformation "both" option is wrong
  • T43297 Unicode Breaks Collada Export
Export: missing features or not a Collada issue
  • T29465 Collada - Armature Export Bug

: export skinned mesh with constraints not supported

  • T22388 Collada Export assigns improper ids to skin controllers when more than one.

: request for IK export support and a <b>user option</b> for switching between sampled and interpolated animation

  • T27789 B258 > Collada Export > library linked groups not exported
  • T27161 COLLADA: Export problem when activating transparency
  • T27389 Collada exporter ignores bones affected by IK
  • T24759 Export of armature with multiple objects creates invalid .dae
  • T35499 Collada exporter: Redundancy in UV coordinating.
  • T36675 COLLADA import : normal map material binding doesn't work.
  • T39224 Scale problem in exporting files
  • T39681 Collada exporter does not support more than one action
  • T39837 Collada Export writes Material Alpha Chanel data, but does not reads it
  • T43298 Collada Export does not include Vertex Binormals

Import: Bugs

  • T32652 Import from Lightwave creates Error when rendering with LuxRender
  • T32392 import fails for transparency and reflectivity
  • T31682 Collada ex- and reimport, textures gets lost, some errors (export part resolved in version 50556)
  • T31728 Collada crash after import
  • T31089 Collada crash after import
  • T30301 Collada import data leak?
  • T30008 COLLADA Import: Visual scene node hierarchy / root not handled correctly
  • T29013 Import Collada causes Blender not responding
  • T28894, T29058 COLLADA import crash
  • T38343 Import of non-specular materials not working correct.

: validation errors
: fails to import in FXComposer-2.5
: fails to validate in GoogleSketchup, but imports well there
: segfault (probably due to wrong memory writes)
: complex. needs lots of time to debug

  • T28887 COLLADA import and texture paths
  • T28762 COLLADA import transparency
  • T28378 Importing COLLADA file not importing as expected.
  • T28242 Collada import changes units to Metric
  • T27629 COLLADA import does wrong transofrmations

: transformation errors (non-skin), nice attachments
: single chair imports well in Meshlab and FXComposer-2.5
: the chair now imports well
: <node id="ID2045"> - the wheel - contains multiple <instance_geometry>s - test case

  • T27128 Collada files from this camera tracking app for iPhone are not being imported correctly
  • T26012 Import Collada: instance_node incorrectly handled
  • T25754 COLLADA skinned animation import error

: animated avatar imports well in FXComposer-2.5

  • T25432 Collada - up_axis not processed
  • T22689 Collada import not importing animations if skins do not exist
  • T22495 Collada importer bugs
  • T39099 Collada/Mixamo Importing Bug
  • T39379 Collada Cannot Import
  • T40127 Newly inserted keyframes dont work in animated COLLADA models
  • T40374 Collada Import - Bone Duplication
Import: missing features
  • T29014 Import Collada: cannot load dae referencing other dae
  • T34447 camera data broken (missing softimage support)

Round trip issues (reimport to blender broken)

  • T32549 Collada don't export properly
  • T28215 blender 2.59rc - Export collada - import collada - armature bones with inverted axis

Resolved & closed

  • T30724 COLLADA export material name is wrong
  • T28424 Blender >= 2.57 crashing when importing collada files created using GoogleSketchUp (ver 8)

: no crash as of r. 44615
: validation errors in both files (OpenCollada compiled with expat parser)
: crash on first file when testing on Linux

  • T27640 COLLADA - Issue exporting geometries with just points or lines.
  • T22891 Collada exports bezier keyframes as linear
  • T20634 Collada export exporting -tive z scale as wrong x rotation
  • T32843 AFTER 2.65 - Collada Spotlight angle animation is in radians not degrees


To Do

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