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Windows 10

Blender 2.79b

I have installed the 64 bit version of Blender numerous times. After going through the installation- wizard process, I click on "Finished" and nothing happens. I have used Blender's "retry" option, but it just goes through the same process again.



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Bug in installation process

Bug in installation process

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Please dont claim these yourself, someone will pick it up.

  • Also: could you be more specific in regards to "nothing happens"? Does this work with other versions of blender? (or is this just 2.79b?)
  • Is there something in the installation folder? Can you launch blender from there?

Marking as incomplete for now...

Thank you Philipp for your reply.
To answer the question pertaining to the folder, I installed Blender probably last year and gave up. The file folder was on my computer, where I tried several times using the installer. I tried "change" and "repair" functions a few times. I also uninstalled Blender and tried again from the beginning.
As for the other question, I can only find 2.79b version from Blender's website. Can you please send a link to other versions, so that I can try them instead?
Thank you,

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