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Crash on startup of daily build
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System Information
Win10 64 bit, AMD Ryzen1700, GeForce GTX 1050ti, 16Gb RAM

Blender Version
Broken: 2.79.0-git.9a080d2ea60-windows64
Worked: 2.79.0-git.38b72fb-windows64

Short description of error
Standart black cmd screen after launching .exe, but doesn't load anything further and then crashes. GPU driver is the latest possible.
Also can't perform launching from cmd with parameters such as "--debug-memory --debug-gpumem --debug-all > results.txt." Same behaviour here: black screen, then Windows stoppes application.



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Inês Almeida (brita_) lowered the priority of this task from Needs Triage by Developer to Needs Information from User.Jul 28 2018, 10:10 PM

rB9a080d may have fixed your issue, or at the very least allow you to set the command line debug parameters.
Can you try again?
If you still have a problem, check if it is a OpenGL driver issue by downloading this dll and copying it so its located in the same directory as 'blender.exe' and running Blender normally.

I think, I've found what produced the problem. Application was unzipped in russian-named folder (cyrilic). Once, I moved it in full english path everything opened flawlessly, even OpenColorIO error somehow disappeared.

Inês Almeida (brita_) closed this task as Archived.Jul 29 2018, 9:33 AM
Inês Almeida (brita_) claimed this task.

Blender should work from inside a folder named in cyrillic.
I'll closed this report, as it seems that all is working again. If you still have a problem please re-open with more details.