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Roughness (at least for glossy shader node) is broken if you link in files saved in older blender versions
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All Systems

Blender Version
Broken: 2.74.4 and later builds

Worked: 2.72.2

If I link in a library with glossy shader nodes saved with older blender versions (< 2.79.4) new blender does not convert the roughness value properly. Instead blender uses the roughness without conversion. For instance 0.05 should be square rooted to 0.224 but stays at 0.05 so the material is too glossy now.



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I'm not sure what you mean with incomplete.

If I render 2.79.2 files with linked libraries in blender 2.79.6 the roughness in the linked objects is wrong. It seems it is/was a problem with 2.79.2 and 2.79.3 builds since it worked with files saved with official 2.79 build.
So I guess we just re-save all files with 2.79.6 and all should work again.

Yevgeny Makarov (jenkm) reopened this task as Open.

When you open a 2.79b file in 2.79.6, the Roughness value is converted. rB7613ffc944eb
When you link a 2.79b file, the Roughness value remains unchanged.

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