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Did a Quick Benchmark "CPU" and everything went well without any errors or crashes, then switched to GPU Compute, progress bar goes up to approximately 20 - 25 percent and crash.

OS - Windows 10 Pro
CPU - Core2Duo 2.93 GHz
GPU - Nvidia GeForce GT 710 2GB (ASUS)

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I think the benchmark requires at least 4GB of GPU memory so I wouldn't expect it to work, though we should handle this more gracefully and maybe add minimum requirements somewhere.

We are starting work towards a new iteration of the client.
It will be ready in a few weeks and better handle these kind of issue. I'll share a link to it as soon as it becomes available.

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We just released an updated version of the Blender Benchmark Launcher. Can you give it a try?
I'm going to close the issue for now, feel free to create a new report if you encounter any new problem.

Keep in mind that some scenes will require more than 4GB of RAM and therefore will fail to render.