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Crash on Collada .dae import
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System Information
Windows 10
AMD Radeon R9260

Blender Version
2.79b f4dc9f9d68b

Short description of error
This does not happen with ALL .dae files!
During usual process of importing a .dae model blender crashes and closes without any error report or otherwise. the files in question are only 8.12MB / 8.64MB in size.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Since blender chashes before any file can be imported I am unable to supply a file of any use. If required I can send the .dae files for testing.

  1. Loaded factory settings so no 3rd party addon would interfear.
  2. File > Import > Collada (Default) (.dae)
  3. Selected the file > Import COLLADA
  4. crash



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Please add a dae file that demonstrates the crash.

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The collada file contains about 450 lines with broken data of the kind:

-1.#IND00 -1.#IND00 -1.#IND00
-1.#IND00 -1.#IND00 -1.#IND00
-1.#IND00 -1.#IND00 -1.#IND00

This is reported as parse errors, however it looks like the imported data becomes corrupt and breaks the processing. Finally a free memory call lets Blender crash after calculating normals.

That we can not import broken collada files is OK.
But that blender crashes is not acceptable.

Next step: I need to find out if i can abort the import when the parser detects an error of that kind.

the collada file was removed by the OP because of privacy issues. that is OK. The problem is recognized by now. I just need to find a good fix

I found a similar issue with a collada file exported from threejs crashing blender. Attached is the exported dae file and corresponding png texture image.

I have a file from Maya that has the issue in 2.79, and weird import in 2.8-- it only imports the vertices, no faces! Might be Maya's fault, but here it is: